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The Core Programme

Esther’s Academy is well established as a pioneering, powerful programme that equips and empowers women to understand and live a purpose filled life, just as Queen Esther did.
Esther's Academy is well established as a pioneering, powerful programme that equips and empowers women to understand and live a purpose filled life, just as Queen Esther did.

Hundreds women have journeyed through Esther's Academy and have been greatly impacted by transformation they experienced. The vision of Pastor Yvonne Brooks, Esther's Academy is a dynamic seven week programme that focuses on accomplishment, character development, preparation, and grace. The journey is one well worth taking. You will be escorted through a journey of change, growth, wisdom and empowerment, a journey you will never forget! This course is aimed at women aged 19 and upwards and is open to ALL women from ALL walks of life. 

The Workshops

Workshop One - Knowing Who You Are in God - Esther 4:14b

Esther had the faith and determination to save a nation because she knew who she was ... do you know the ultimate purpose for your life? Upon reading the book of Esther, one thing becomes clear, Esther knew who she was! Her faith and determination to please God is evident throughout every chapter. This workshop will explore what the scriptures say about who we are in God and to God and examine the characteristics of Queen Esther's inner beauty as they relate to us today. 

Workshop Two - Purification - Esther 2:12

Esther endured days and weeks which led to months of preparation of her body ... is your body a temple? PURIFICATION - Now when every maid's turn was come to go into King Ahasuerus after that she had been twelve months , according to the manner of the women, for so were the days of 
their puri!cations accomplished, to wit, six months with oil of Myrrh, and six months with sweet odours and with other things for the purifying of the women. 

Workshop Three - Me, Soul to Skin - Esther 4:16

Esther was con!dent, bold and passionate ... do you have all you need inside to deal with the pressure of purpose? 

The theme of this workshop is to establish the elements of self-esteem, managing stress and relaxation into our daily lives. The workshop will link each of these areas to 'Esther's Journey' and empower you as a woman, giving you the con!dence, and tools to manage your emotions and the pressures and struggles in life. 

Workshop Four - Esther's Words - Esther 5: 7-8

Esther was able to speak to the king in a way that moved his heart. Her words also caused a nation to seek God ... what happens when you speak?

This dynamic and interactive workshop explores best practice in e"ective communication skills. Esther presented herself in humility and obedience in varying situations. Whatever the situation - be it a business meeting, formal presentation, giving your testimony at church or dinner conversation; this workshop will equip you with the vital skills which will enable you to present yourself confidently and reach your potential in effective communication and interpersonal skills. 

Workshop Five - Your Worth - Esther 5:6b

Esther was promised up to half the kingdom by an earthly king ... The King of Kings has abundance waiting for you! Do you know how much you are worth? Is it !nally time to get your !nancial house in order? Join us as we support and empower you to overcome your !nancial concerns and move from a place of lack to one of abundance. Learn how to make money work for you rather than you working just to make it!

Workshop Six - In his Presence - Esther 5: 2-3

The ultimate presentation of a bride, but how do we become wives for our own kings in waiting? 

There is a saying that you 'become a wife, before you become a wife'. This workshop will take you through the process for preparing for your King and maintaining a healthy prosperous marriage. 

Queen Esther was in preparation for a whole year before she saw the King! We will explore the 'do's and the don'ts' during courtship and engage in some very open discussions about marriage. The workshop will also cover some practical expectations around building a home and suooortina vour husband (to be) 

Workshop Seven - Beauty for Ashes - Esther 2:12

Esther's beauty and grace both inside and out saved her life when she went before the king ... learn how to present yourself to please THE King. 

The book of Esther states that she went through twelve months of preparation for her king, to ensure she looked her very best upon meeting him. 

This workshop will look at our outer beauty and focus on helping us making the best of what we have. This interactive and practical day will consist of: make-up application, etiquette training and image consultancy. 

Esther's Banquet

Esther's Academy will conclude at this prestigious banquet where all the delegates will graduate. Family and friends are invited to join the celebration as we are entertained with music and laughter.