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Esther’s Academy has since expanded and we are now in several locations across two continents. The Birmingham team went to train some members in South Africa (2016) and are capable to head to a city near you to train more groups on this phenomenal programme. The coordinators were asked a few questions to reveal to us the heart of who is leading the programmes.

Andrea Porter-Bent

I am a woman designed to share, care and am passionate in striving to be the best at where God desires me to be. At the heart of me I love creativity, learning and researching especially in health related topics. However I work as a Senior Human Resources Practitioner dealing with technical, organisational and employee issues on a daily basis. I am so thankful that God took me out of the routine of working every Saturday (mostly voluntarily) to attend Esther's Academy 2010. It was difficult to see how to fit in Esther's Academy but through listening to a friend's testimony I decided to 'down my work tools' to experience this anointed programme. I knew deep down that my life would never be the same after attending the programme in 2010. It changed my heart on a couple of interpersonal issues that has since totally changed the dynamics for the better. It was after I completed the programme that the then coordinator, Julia Regis, asked me to be part of the Esther's Academy team. This ministry bought out my spiritual and natural gifts. I spend more time with him and helped me rest in Christ more and not to be consumed so much with work. I also found my soul prayer partner two years later through this programme and we still pray every Monday to this date. I am so thankful every year to see the Esther delegates grow and blossom. God has placed me in Esther's Academy at such a time as this to continue the mantle of making a difference in their lives-through caring, sharing, organising and teaching. It's a ministry that elevates women in an intimate and confidential manner over seven weeks to grow spiritually, socially and holistically with their natural gifts to be the 'best version of themselves'.

One of the best moments that I've experienced is seeing two graduates host the following year’s graduation banquet. As well as this year hearing the beautiful voices of #EA2017 graduates singing at the Banquet.It's an amazing journey and there's more to come. You never graduate in God and I've got more growth and Esther’s Academy programmes to come yet!